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Ma & Paw Kennel
Canine Training Services
‘Helping Dogs with People Problems since 1991’

  • The methods we teach are based on the scientific principles of classical and instrumental conditioning.
  • The methods we teach require people to think, study, learn and practice in order to be successful.
  • All training methods are most effective when the animal’s physical, emotional, and social needs are well balanced. 
  •  We do not use leash jerks or voice corrections to teach obedience commands. When teaching with positive reinforcement we focus a lot of our efforts on rewarding (reinforcing or increasing) wanted behaviors as opposed to punishing or diminishing unwanted behaviors. For example, teaching a dog to sit and stay naturally reduces a number of unwanted behaviors such as jumping up or bolting out the door.
  • Our services are not best for people who believe that animals are dumb or those who wish to create a master/slave relationship. People who are rigid in these beliefs and desires would probably be happier learning different methods from a different trainer.
  • Our services are best for people that desire to learn a few basic concepts about animal learning and behavior as well as methods to communicate with and motivate animals.
  • Our services are best for people who believe animals should be treated with respect and are open to the concepts that perhaps animals can think, understand, and make informed decisions.

Our methods of training dogs. (and their people!)​

Ma & Paw Kennel's training methods and philosophy is based on learning theory -- classical conditioning and operant conditioning.

About our Teaching Methods

  • The methods we teach foster an attitude of cooperation and contribute to partnerships between the animals and the humans. Although the trainers are the senior partners, the trainers work for the animals and the animals work for the trainers.